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Intex 2650 Sand Filter & Saltwater Generator Swimming Pool System #56681EG

Intex 2650 Sand Filter & Saltwater Generator Swimming Pool System #56681EG

Intex 2650 Sand Filter & Saltwater Generator Swimming Pool System #56681EG

Intex krystal clear sand filter & salt water system for above ground pools. Sand filters have long been recognized by pool owners as one of the most. Desirable methods to keep pool water clear and sparkling. All-natural and inexpensive sand do an excellent job of filtering particles out. Of the water, it needs replacement only once every five years!

Filtration the simplest maintenance filtration option on the market. Water systems have likewise been desired by pool owners for their ability to. Keep pool water safe and clean, all while eliminating the harsh impacts of. Intex has now combined these two.

Proven, excellent systems into one product, providing above ground pool owners. With one easy, low cost and low maintenance system. With both systems an automatic 24 hour timer to make operation carefree and easy, keep your. Pool safe, clean and comfortable for swimmers for years to come! The krystal clear saltwater system combines a unique.

Two-stage technology to sanitize pool water. First, an undetectable level of. Natural swimmer-safe chlorine is produced when environmentally friendly, natural. Salt is added to pool water and passes through a titanium coated electrolytic. Cell during the filtration process. The result is soft, fresh, clean water. Without the potential harsh side effects of packaged pool chemicals. Second, with the copper ionization feature, highly active disinfectant ions are released. Which create a potent biocide and attack algae more aggressively than chlorine. Or other packaged pool chemicals.

Intex’s krystal clear saltwater system is a. Great addition to any filter pump system and will help keep your pool incredibly. Clean, fresh, and crystal clear.

Intex 2650 gph krystal clear sand filter saltwater system pump comes with titanium coated electrolytic cell for chlorinating. Your pool water and a powerful.

95 horsepower motor with ground fault circuitry. Also includes built in 24 hour timer for controls filter. Pump system and saltwater system, with built in copper ionization feature which.

Releases highly active disinfectant ions into water to which creates a strong. Intex sand filter pump its easy to operate.

Ergonomic handle for easy operation, valve includes positions for rinse, re-circulation, filtration. Ideal for sand to be replaced. Once every 5 years only, hose connections as found on smaller intex 1-1/4 inch. Hose adapters and similar pools. Strainer basket built-in for catching leaves.

And other debris, easy to follow instructions. Powerful 0.95 hp / 2,650 gph keeps your water sparkling clean pump flow. Rate: 2650 gph, system flow rate: 2200 gph.

Simple to use and easy operation that will outperform your standard. Heavy duty 16 sand filter tank diameter (sand not included). Easy operation 6-way filter valve makes maintenance easy, giving options to.

Backwash, rinse, recirculate, drain, filter and close system. Both systems are controlled automatically with a built-in 24 hour timer to. Make daily operation carefree and easy. Strainer basket included on pump prolongs the life of the sand and is easy.

Saltwater system combines a unique two-stage technology to sanitize your. First, an undetectable level of natural swimmer-safe chlorine is produced. When environmentally friendly natural salt is added to the pool water and passes.

Through a titanium coated electrolytic cell during the filtration process. Second, with the copper ionization feature, highly active disinfectant ions.

Are released creating a potent biocide to attack algae more aggressively than. Chlorine or other packaged pool chemicals. This intex sand filter pump is best suited for above ground pools with a water capacity up to 21,200 gallons (80,250 l), however it will work with smaller intex above ground pools with the addition of. Those adapters are included, allowing this sand filter pump to work with. Smaller intex above ground pools by coupling the pump’s 1.5 diameter hose. Fittings to a smaller pool’s 1.25 diameter valves. The intex sand filter saltwater system includes 2 hoses with an inside. Diameter of 1.5″ and 1.25″ adapters. Pools not manufactured by intex and. Local hardware or pool store.
This sand filter pool pump uses number 20 silica sand, also called 0.45 to 0. (0.018 to 0.033 inches) with a uniformity coefficient less than 1.75. Gfci electrical protection, works with your standard 110-120v outlet.
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  • Brand: Intex
  • Model: 2650 Sand Salt Filter
  • MPN: 56681EG
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