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Pentair Clean & Clear Predator 150 Unicel C-9415 Pleatco PAP150 Filter Cartridge

Pentair Clean & Clear Predator 150 Unicel C-9415 Pleatco PAP150 Filter Cartridge

Pentair Clean & Clear Predator 150 Unicel C-9415 Pleatco PAP150 Filter Cartridge

Pentair Clean & Clear Predator 150 Unicel C-9415 Pleatco PAP150 Filter Cartridge

Pentair Clean & Clear Predator 150 Unicel C-9415 Pleatco PAP150 Filter Cartridge

Pentair clean & clear/predator 150. Pentair pac fab 5905433.
They put several numbers on the end caps of their cartridges. The numbers are all different cartridges with different sizes. On the outside of the filter housing there is a label with part numbers listed across the top. If you follow the column down, there will be a punch out at the bottom of the column for the cartridge needed.

The punch out will look like a paper punch. Does your cartridge match these measurements? Height 31 1/8″ outer diameter 10 1/16″ inner diameter 6. 150 sq ft 175 pleats. Anti-microbial “open flow core”. Helps prevent algae and bacterial growth. Retains structural strength, yet water will easily flow through the filter core. The amplified flow can increase particle removal, generate faster turnover of the water in a pool or spa. And lower overall energy usage, compared against competing products. To guarantee filter function, durability, and ease of cleaning.

Sharp and uniform pleats. To maximize flow and ease of cleaning. Maximize flow during operation and help to not only reduce the frequency of cleaning. But make the cartridges easier to clean when needed. Keeps the filter’s rigid structure intact.

Provides a knife edge seal, and prevents the growth of bacteria and related pathogens. How to measure your pool cartridge. Of the cartridge across the top of the end cap in inches. Of the cartridge in inches including the end caps.

Do not include any handles or threads on the bottom end cap. When possible one of the best ways to measure is through the center core.

If the top or bottom end cap is open, measure the. Of the hole in inches. In addition make note of any numbers on the end cap such as. How to clean your pool filter cartridge. When the pressure gauge on your filter reaches about 15-20 p. It is time to clean your pool filter cartridges. A good rule of thumb is to take the p. Measurement with a clean pool filter and not let the pressure go 8 above the original reading.

Turn the power off to your pump and relieve the pressure that has built up in the pool filter(turn valve). Remove the cartridges from the canister and place in an area away from the pool or spa. There are many filter cartridge cleaners on the market either a spray or soak method. Follow the instructions on the bottle. For stubborn stains, you may have to soak.

Do not acid wash your filters. Once the cartridges have been sprayed with the cleaner, use a garden hose, spraying from top to bottom at a 45 degree angle, removing all dirt, debris, oils etc. Rotate the cartridge to clean all sides. Do not use a pressure wash nozzle as that will injure the filter media. Once all cartridges are rinsed thoroughly with clean water, place back in the filter canister. Guaranteed excellence in performance, reliability, durability and satisfaction. Cartridges must be unused in original cellophane wrapper.

This number will be given at the time of the return request. It does not cover failures that result from.

Improper maintenance or cleaning. Alteration or modification of the product, or. From products or services not supplied by us.

Nor does it cover failures resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, mishandling, misapplication, or faulty installation.

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